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Unexcepted pictures of the Zepellis together will be the end of me.
Like, tag your smiling happy italians please, I was not ready


She touched a boob and turnt into a car.

That’s all you need to know.


Loads of seconds in MS Paint


Les personnes et familles homosexuels humilités insultés rabaissés pour le simple faire d’exister rien à foutre hein. Par contre les clampins haineux qui ne veulent surtout pas que l’égalité existe et reconnaître des droits à d’autre humain, horribleeee, on les a blessés, BOUHOUHOU


David Bowie: sad and confused in dirt

RP blogs

In case you’re looking for me when I’m not lurking here, or are just curious to see where I’m training my disastrous engrish writing skills:


Prince Demando (Sailor Moon) is my main RP blog I have some spiritual bond with this creep or something, affiliated with the nice folks of SMRP. Basically, if I’m not on my personal you’ll find me there, rambling about my undying love for the Black Moon and, sometimes, actually replying to threads.


Fish Eye (Sailor Moon) is my second SMRP muse. Way less active than Demando, but I’m trying.


Koumyou Sanzo (Saiyuki)
I still wonder what to do with him because that’s the first RP blog I made without knowing anyone in the fandom and I’m hm, a bit shy? Kill me haha orz


Francis Bonnefoy (Hetalia) is a 95% french 5% english RP blog because I’m lazy and he’s french so I have an excuse ok. I mostly keep him around to RP with darling, oh BTW I owe her.


Finally, pope Saga (Saint Seiya) started as a completely OOC and crack RP blog in french to bother Hades and Athena, but I plan to keep him and write him more seriously one day.


How do baby roosters sleep on a bed? Face-first squish into the blankies, of course.

“Why are we talking to each other in English?”

- Two non English speakers who share the same first language while chatting on the net, probably (via ignitiondorks)