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November 15th 2013


Scan of a magazine page featuring the Sailor Moon Moon Stick!!

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November 14th 2013
May 08th 2013
March 10th 2013


A moon obi on a purple Kimono with starlight. Maybe it isn’t supposed to be starlight, but it gives the impression of one of those time-lapse photos of the night sky to me.

Very romantic and a little dreamy. I think this would be a gorgeous outfit to wear in September in prelude for the Moon festival.

126,000円 from Switch

February 01st 2013
January 15th 2013


Hermès f/w 2010 - I love this collection

November 05th 2012



There are some absolutely lovely new bags and jewelry on Restyle now!

I’d really like to have these…

OMG I need that purse in my life

September 20th 2012
August 21st 2012
August 10th 2012


Little outer senshi scepters :)